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Submit a Thesis / Dissertation to Proquest

Using Proquest ETD

As Marian University expands its graduate programs, it will be expected that graduates will be required to submit their theses or dissertations for electronic archiving and publishing.  One way to accomplish this is to have these manuscripts added to MUShare, our scholarly institutional repository. 

An additional method is to have graduate works added to ProQuest Dissertations Publishing, a service that indexes these works within the Proquest Dissertations & Theses Database, a resource to which Marian University Libraries subscribe.  Using a professional indexing service such as this will aid the dissemination of scholarly works, highlighting not only the author but also the institution from which these works originate.  

This guide will provide instructions on the steps involved when submitting a graduate work to Proquest D&T. 

Generally, submitting to Proquest will involve some decisions to be made on the part of the author(s).  The main considerations and requirements will include:

  • Understanding Intellectual Property implications of using this service.
  • Preparing manuscripts for submission.
  • Having appropriate subject categories to works. 
  • Choosing between the Traditional and Open Access publishing options. 
  • Options for purchasing physical copies of submitted manuscripts.

Note that while there are additional paid options available, these are completely voluntary.  The core steps for submitting a work through Proquest is free of charge. 

Proquest Publishing

Additional links and resources for Proquest's Publishing Platform: