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Open & Affordable Textbooks: Communicate

Bookstore deadlines

Communicate your textbook choices, no matter what you've chosen, to the bookstore by:

October 15 for Spring semester

March 15 for Summer term

April 15 for Fall semester


If you have a change after these dates, still report it to the bookstore as soon as possible so they can be better prepared for the start of the semester. 

Displaying your course text choices on MUHub

Marian University bookstore logo

First, report your textbook choice to the bookstore via Follett Discover, no matter what kind of resource you're using. The bookstore gets questions from students all the time about what texts they need for their classes, and if you want the bookstore to have a good answer, you have to provide it to them. 

If you're using an open textbook or other open educational resources, select "Only OER material is being used for this course" in Follett Discover. See below.

If you're using non-open but still zero-cost resources like library-licensed materials for your course, you should still report this to the bookstore. Select "I have no materials to adopt for this course" in Follett Discover. See below.

Once you've made your text choices, please fill out the PALSave Course Tracker. This helps both us and our consortium calculate savings and assists us with our record-keeping.

Report Use of Affordable Content

Please fill out this zero-cost course tracker form (same as above, no need to do it twice!) for every course every semester that you teach it. It helps us keep a record of all the great work you're doing!


How to provide attribution to this guide: "Affordable Textbooks" by Caitlin Balgeman, Marian University is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0