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Finding Journal And/Or Article Access

There are several ways to access subscribed journals held by the library. The tools listed below can either be searched directly from the library (recommended) or through tools like Google Scholar or browser extensions such as LibKey. 

Available Tools

  • The E-Journals A-Z List
  • The Find It button within subscribed databases
  • Google Scholar's Library Links Feature
  • The LibKey Nomad Browser extension

Select the pages to the left for more information on using these tools.

Searching for Journals

The E-Journal A-Z list is a quick way to search for access to e-journals within our collection. Simply search for title or ISSN and the list will determine whether we subscribe to the periodical, and the coverage of access. 

Libkey Nomad

The LibKey Nomad browser extension is a helpful way to locate article access when searching websites across the Internet. Users will need to install the browser extension and then perform a search on a website containing academic journal content. Access will then be displayed on the site if contained within the library collection's holdings.

The "Find It" Feature

When searching within our subscribed databases or google scholar, users can use the Find It feature to determine if access is held across other platforms to which we subscribe. For databases that have it implemented, simply click on this button, and access will be checked. If access does exist, full text links will be provided to the user. If no full text link exists, the user can then request the item via Interlibrary Loan.

Library Holdings in Google Scholar

Library users have the option to link to our library's electronic journal holdings in Google Scholar. Holdings can be searched with or without a Google account, however with an account users can save settings so as to not re-enter them every time.