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Large-Format Printing

Your resource guide for formatting and printing guidelines and the request form for large-format poster projects.


Submissions must be submitted using the Large Format Printing Request Form at minimum 3 business days before requested pickup. Prints will be able to be picked up from the front desk of the Mother Theresa Hackelmeier Memorial Library.

Ancilla College of Marian University faculty, staff, and students can also request posters through the form but the requested turnaround time must be at least 7 business days. If you are requesting a print for the Ancilla Campus, make sure to note it in the “Other Notes” section on the Print Request Form. Ancilla posters will be delivered to Ancilla's campus.

Prints are done on rolls of paper that are 24”, 36”, or 42” long. The width and/or height of your file should match one of these lengths. The shorter dimension cannot exceed 42 inches.


Submissions should be in PDF format.

The size of the file should match the print size. To avoid pixelation and delays in printing, it is recommended to design your poster using a PowerPoint slide sized to the exact dimensions of your desired poster. For some pre-sized templates, please see the Printing Guidelines section.

🎬Here is a video showing the sizing process, pixelation concerns, and the proper saving process for making a PowerPoint presentation into a PDF.🎬

Please note, that if the PDF is created through a “Print as PDF” process, the file will be downsized to the size of standard printer paper. The video shows the process that will avoid that pitfall and ensure that the requested poster is able to be printed in a timely manner.


Some common dimensions include the sizes shown below. Clicking on them will download a blank PowerPoint pre-sized to that dimension.

Other Issues

The document submitted for printing is subject to the same Technology Use Policy as other Marian University computing resources as set forth by the Office of Information Technology. Users must comply with all other applicable university policies and state and federal laws.

The Marian University logo may be used only when posters are utilized as part of official university business and in accordance with the Institutional Identity Guidelines.

Proper authorization or permissions are required for the use of copyright material or third-party logos used in posters. Please contact the library if you are unclear about Fair Use or copyright laws.

Marian University reserves the right to change, at any time, at its sole discretion, the poster printing guidelines, pricing, and procedures.