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Large-Format Printing

Your resource guide for formatting and printing guidelines and the request form for large-format poster projects.

Print Requests


Before sending in the request, do these two things to ensure no delays:

  1. Save it as a PDF (Video tutorial using PowerPoint)
  2. Verify the size (Video tutorial using Chrome to open PDF and check size). Take note of the size. It is required for the request form. Any form where the size of the file and the size of the request do not match will be denied.

Once those two things are done, click here for the Large Format Print Request

Once you've submitted the form you will get a copy of the request emailed to you. Once the poster is ready for pickup, you will get an email that it is ready. Pickups are done from the front desk of the library.

Mounting, trimming, and laminating services are not provided.

Available Paper Types

Many types of papers and other materials (canvas, banner paper, etc.) can be used with this printer. The user will be expected to supply their own medium for requests using supplies other than those listed below.

Default paper: 

Prints are done on this paper by default. See below if you are requesting a different type.

    • Satin (some sheen, not as shiny as glossy prints): 42”, 36”, 24"

Limited Quantities:

Put in Notes of Poster Request Form if requesting these paper types.

  • Matte (no sheen or shine), only available on 24" prints
  • Adhesive-backed Matte (For peel and stick-on mounting boards or signage), only available on 24” prints