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Student Guide

Quick-Step Guide

Here is how to get going with Webex and side-step potential issues. If you have accessed Webex another way and have encountered trouble, try these steps instead. 

  • Download the app from (the app is more stable than the browser version)
  • Login with your Marian email account
  • Restart your Device
  • Access all course Webex meetings through Canvas

Need help? If you encounter issues and need help, contact They are available 24/7. 

Downloading the App

Visit Download “Webex Meeting”, your instructor will notify you if you also need to download Webex Teams.

Follow the download instructions:

For PC/Mac/iPhone users: When prompted, sign in with your Marian email address (

For Android users: When prompted, log in with your Marian email address ( · Select the site: and then login.

You have successfully installed the app.

Accessing the Meeting Space

Access all your Webex Meetings from Canvas. Once in your Canvas Course, you should see the following screen:

thumbnail_Image 1

If, after you select the Join button, you see the screen below, the creator of your meeting (typically your professor) has not joined and activated the meeting yet. Even though the bar is loading, you will not be able to enter the meeting. You will need to close the tab and try to join the meeting again in a couple of minutes.

Important Tips 

Make sure you are accessing all meetings through the app – Always choose the option to “Open the Desktop App”

For Mac/iOS devices, you will need to click “Open Cisco Webex Start” in the popup. is available 24/7 if you encounter issues and need assistance.