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Student Educational Technology Support

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What is Yuja?

Yuja is a video content management service that is available for Marian faculty, staff, and students. 

While it is primarily a video hosting service (like YouTube), it is also useful for creating and sharing video content. 

Point of Contact

Blake Ide
Lead Educational Technologist
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(317) 399-4728
Hackelmeier Memorial Library

Student Use of Yuja

Teachers are not the only ones who can record or upload videos using Yuja, students have the ability as well. Once students have their videos saved in Yuja, they can easily share them with instructors, discussion boards, assignments, or classmates.

Getting into Yuja

There are two options for students to get into Yuja:

  1. Direct Yuja login at
  2. They can open Yuja from a Canvas course where it has been enabled. Click on Yuja in the course navigation menu (the left side menu).

Recording into Yuja

Once again, there are two options for students wanting to record videos in Yuja. 

  1. Download, install, and use the Yuja Software Capture program. This is recommended because it offers the most tools for the user and is more stable.
  2. Use the Browser Capture Studio. This is not recommended for videos longer than 10 minutes since it is less stable. Browser crashing or even temporary loss of internet can cause the user to lose their entire recording.

Uploading into Yuja

Students can also upload pre-recorded video content into their Yuja media library.

Here are the instructions for uploading video content into Yuja.

Sharing Yuja Videos

Students can share Yuja videos in a couple of ways. The two recommended are via direct link or by embedding the video onto a page, assignment, or discussion post.

Here are the instructions for sharing content via links and embed codes. The link should take you to the bottom of the page. If not, the important content is in the last section of the page.

Once students get the embed code, they can easily embed their video in any Rich Text field in Canvas:

What is Canvas' Rich Text Field? 

It is the field that most students are familiar with whenever they type anything into Canvas. It looks like this:


To embed a Yuja video into a Canvas Rich Text field:

  1. Place your cursor where you want the video to appear.
  2. Click on Insert.
  3. Click on Embed.
  4. Paste in the code that you got from the Embed Code Field in Yuja.
  5. Click Submit.