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National Library of Medicine Exhibitions: Spring 2017

The Exhibition Program at the National Library of Medicine strives to promote greater understanding and awareness of how the past informs the present and can shape the future.


Fire and Freedom: Food and Enslavement in Early America

(March 13, 2017 - April 22, 2017)

About the Exhibition

"Meals can tell us how power is exchanged between and among different peoples, races, genders, and classes. Fire and Freedom: Food and Enslavement in Early America looks at the Chesapeake region, during the early colonial era, where European settlers relied upon indentured servants, Native Americans, and African slave labor for life-saving knowledge of farming and food acquisition, and to gain economic prosperity. It is through the labor of slaves, like those at George Washington’s Mount Vernon, that we can learn about the ways that meals transcend taste and sustenance."

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