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SWK 350 - Social Work Research and Assessment: Selected Books

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Browse these selected call number ranges established by the Library of Congress classification for categories of social work and service topics:

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HV40-69 - Social service.  Social work.  Charity organization and practice Including social case work, private and public relief, institutional care, rural social work, work relief

HV544.5 - International social work

HV640-645 - Refugee problems

HV697-4959 - Protection, assistance and relief

HV701-1420.5 - Children

HV888-907 - Children with disabilities

HV1421-1441 - Young adults. Youth. Teenagers

HV1449 - Gay men. Lesbians

HV1450-1494 - Aged

HV1551-3024 - People with disabilities Including blind, deaf, people with physical and mental disabilities

HV4005-4013 - Immigrants

HV5800-5840 - Drug habits. Drug abuse

HV7231-9960 - Criminal justice administration

HV9051-9230 - The juvenile offender. Juvenile delinquency, etc.

All books in this section are located on the third floor of the library.

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