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Assessment Resources: 2020-2021 Grant Recipients

2020-2021 Grant Recipients

Using CANVAS to Support Faculty Anti-Bias Curriculum and Professional Development

Michael Slavkin (Counseling), Michelle Meer (Social Work), Penelope Asay (Counseling), and Davyd Hall (UNITY Center) will utilize CANVAS Commons to provide faculty and staff with research-based content and learning activities focused on confronting bias and advancing equity and inclusivity on campus. Qualitative methods (e.g., document analysis, interviews) will be used to develop themes for curricular focus and better understand the perceptions of faculty and staff.

Assessing Science Identity and Self-Efficacy in Undergraduate Biology Students at Marian University

The purpose of Karla Kinkade’s (Biology) study is to examine differences in self-efficacy and science identity among biology students from underrepresented minority groups. Based on initial findings, the study could be expanded to measure the effect of different instructional methods on self-efficacy and/or science identity among all students. Data on self-efficacy and science identity will be collected in BIO 203L – Molecular Genetics Lab during the Spring 2021 semester. 

Let’s Get This Show on the Road: Collaborating with Medical School Simulation Center Actors to Enhance Counseling Student Training

Frank Carr (Counseling) seeks to provide students with opportunities to enhance their counseling skills and self-efficacy by engaging in role-play with trained actors at the Hill-Rom Simulation Center. Data will be collected from first-year student counselors enrolled in the beginning counseling skills course. Historical data collected from previous cohorts will be used for comparison. Pre-, mid-, and post-surveys will assess counseling self-efficacy, attitudes towards role-plays, and helpfulness of feedback.