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Assessment Resources: Assessment/SoTL Grant Program


The assessment/SoTL grant program at Marian University seeks to enhance departmental/program assessment practices and support faculty and staff in their efforts assessing student learning and engaging in the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL). The Institutional Assessment Committee (IAC) encourages departments, programs, faculty, and staff to apply; however, preference will be given to collaborative, interdisciplinary, and/or interprofessional projects. Awardees will receive up to $2,000 to support assessment/SoTL projects. Both large-scale and mini projects will be considered. Larger, collaborative projects that consider assessment at the department or program level may require $1,000-$2,000. Mini projects that assess new approaches, assignments, etc. in your classroom may require $500. Below is information on the process:



Departments, programs, faculty, and staff will submit proposals via email to Tony Ribera, Director of Educational Assessment, at by no later than Wednesday, February 14th. An IAC subcommittee of at least 3 IAC members will review all proposals. Applicants will receive feedback on their proposal and notification of grant funding (Awardees will receive their funding)


Awardees will prepare a presentation/poster to showcase their project design and timeline. 


Awardees will present their projects at the annual Assessment Showcase.


Awardees will submit an updated overview of their project design and timeline for the upcoming academic year.


Proposals should include the following:
- Name(s) of Applicant(s)
- Rank(s)/Title(s)
- Email(s)
- Phone(s)
- Project Information

  1. Project Title

  2. Purpose/Outcomes of Project – Description of course/curriculum involved in project. How does this project align with program-level and institutional learning outcomes/criteria? Does this project examine high-impact educational practices or equitable assessment practices?

  3. Data Source(s) – How do you plan to collect data? What existing data, if any, will be used?

  4. Data Analysis – How do you plan to analyze data?

  5. Intended Use of Results – How will your project improve departmental/program assessment practices? How will your project inform the teaching and SoTL efforts of Marian faculty and student affairs educators?

  6. Support – What assistance will you need from IAC, the Center for Teaching and Learning, etc. to carry out your project?

  7. Details on IRB Approval and CITI Training (this may be obtained AFTER your proposal is approved, but consider the timeline and the need for approval before data can be gathered. This must be received before funding may be received.

- Letter(s) of support from chair(s)/supervisor(s)
- Detailed budget (materials and supplies) and project timeline


If you would like to discuss the assessment/SoTL grant program further, please contact Tony Ribera

Assessment/SoTL Grant Program Resources