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Assessment Resources: Overview




National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment. (2011). Transparency Framework. Urbana, IL: University of Illinois and Indiana University, National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA). Retrieved from:


Using the NILOA Transparency Framework as a guide, Marian University seeks to collect and use meaningful assessment data to better promote student learning in the curriculum and co-curriculum. To support faculty and student affairs educators in their assessment efforts, the Teaching and Learning Committee (TLC) has created this Assessment Resources site. Here, you will find links to: (a) available books and ebooks through the Mother Theresa Hackelmeier Memorial Library; (b) articles, papers, and reports; (c) online courses and webinars; and (d) podcasts, blogs, and speeches. This site also contains helpful resources to support program-level assessment planning, a video tutorial and guides to help educators set up outcomes and rubrics in Canvas, and much more.


If you would like to discuss ways TLC can better support Marian faculty and student affairs educators in their assessment efforts, please contact any of the following TLC members:


Name Program/Office Subcommittee
Bieghler, Briannah The Exchange, Graduate Student, Alumni Planning & Reporting
Buehler, Melissa Global Studies Program Review
Crossley, Gay Lynn Marian University's Ancilla College Programming & Resources
DeLong, Matt Math & Computer Science Program Review
Elward, Zane History Grants & Awards
Franklin, Kenneth St. Joseph's College Program Review
Gamache, Joseph Philosophy Program Review
Gano, Laura Applied Social Sciences Program Review
Gastineau-Grimes, Holly* First-Year Experience Grants & Awards
Greiwe, Mandie Personalized Learning Center Assessment Activities
Hardwick, Cory Exercise & Sports Science Planning & Reporting
Hollowell, Matt Education Programming & Resources
Ikeda, Yuriko* Languages & Cultures Planning & Reporting
Kern, Philip Music Program Review
Kheiry, Mona Teaching & Learning, Graduate Student Programming & Resources
Latta, Mark Academic Integration Program Review
Lim, Okyoung Education Grants & Awards
Lockett, Michael Teaching & Learning Assessment Activities
Macrae, Rod Chemistry & Physical Science Planning & Reporting
Martz, Melanie Adult Programs Programming & Resources
Neff, Lesley Adult Programs, Graduate Student Planning & Reporting
Norton, Jamey English Assessment Activities
Oviedo, Luis Undergraduate Student Assessment Activities
Oviedo, Marilda Communication Planning & Reporting
Pelc, Noelany Psychological Science & Counseling Grants & Awards
Ribera, Tony* Educational Assessment All
Rumreich, Lori Business Program Review
Staab, Trisha Biology Assessment Activities
Tebbe, Ben Theatre Grants & Awards
Van Volkenburgh, Nikki Institutional Research, Alumni Assessment Activities
Vicars, Crystal Art & Design Programming & Resources
Zahl, Sarah Osteopathic Medicine Programming & Resources
*Committee Co-chairs