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The Saint John's Bible at Marian University

Guidelines for storing, display and handling of the SJB

The Heritage Edition was specifically to be used and displayed for the public. While we don’t have to worry about any specific lighting, temperature, or humidity requirements, the main guidelines for care as specified by Saint John's University are:

  1. Wash hands before use. White gloves are not necessary, and bare hands are preferred as gloves can lead to torn pages. No hand gel before using. The main rule is to have clean hands.
  2. Limit the page turners (preferably have a designated person(s)), and simply be gentle with the page, turning slowly one page at a time. 
  3. Always turn from the page corners.
  4. Page turning is encouraged with supervision. When not personally supervised, keep it locked in a display case.
  5. Store it flat, and do not stack on top/beneath other volumes.
  6. Keep in the carrying case when not in use.
  7. Avoid storing long periods in sunlight, and turn pages periodically to avoid become set to a specific page. Do not store in plastic.
  8. Taking photos are fine and even encouraged. Flash photos are not a problem.