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WCOnline - Staff & Tutor Instructions

Adding Staff

Admin users will need to follow the instructions below for setting up staff in WCOnline. Fields in bold are required or highly recommended. 

Note: administrators will need to be added as a staff member to their respective schedule(s).  Once an admin is added to a schedule, they can be duplicated to others as needed. 

For Regular or Basic Administrator staff:

  1. Upon signing in to WCOnline, click the main navigation button (your name).
  2. Click Staff & Resource Management.Click the blue button labeled Area Tools.   Then select Add new staff or resource. 
  3. Add the staff's information to the following fields:
    1. Name
    2. Schedule - this is most important, make sure they are assigned to the correct schedule.
    3. Appointment Length - make sure this aligns with the times outlined in the schedule settings. 

Staff & Resource Options

In the Staff & Resource Options section make sure the correct modality is selected (Face-toFace, Online, eTutoring).








  1. Email specific options.  Staff should be aware of the following:
    1. Required: Send Appointment Messages - set to yes to have the staff member receive messages when appointments are made, modified, or cancelled. 
    2. Make a Basic Administrator - at the discretion of the AC admin, make this user a basic admin with increased privileges.  








Note: If a staff member opts to add their phone number for text updates, this will be the default communication method and email updates for new and updated appointments will be disabled by the system. 

Be sure to hover over any unclear fields to be provided with a description of its function. Consult the product manual for more details. 

Click the blue Add New Staff or Resource button to successfully add the staff member. Staff members should now login and edit their personal info on their account.