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WCOnline - Staff & Tutor Instructions

How to Create an Appointment

When a client approaches the desk and asks to make an appointment, staff members can then look at a schedule's general availability and see whether a tutor is available for an appointment. 


This is a good time to ask whether the student has already made an appointment or if this is their first time visiting the site. If the latter, they will need to register for an account. 

To save time, it will be easier to direct them to the website and have them register for an account themselves.


If a student is already registered, then an appointment can be easily made by staff by selecting an available slot (in white) on the calendar view.  The appointment form will then show and staff can work through the form with the patron to fill out the required fields marked with an asterisk, starting with the Client's name.  Some of the required fields are included in the image below.


Notify the student they can also add any file attachments to their appointment when they are logged in.  Click Create Appointment when finished.