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Chemistry Resource Guide

A compilation of resources for the study of chemistry.

ACS Library Subscriptions

Marian University subscribes to 5 ACS journals fully:

We also have access to the ACS Legacy Archives, which includes all ACS journal content published up to and including 1995.

ACS Token Access

The rest of the American Chemical Society's publications are accessible instantly through Marian University's tokens.

What are tokens? Tokens are metered counts for every time you read or download an article from the American Chemical Society that is not a Marian subscription. This includes ebooks and journal articles.

How many tokens does Marian have? 100 for all of Marian University, for Jan. 2023 through Dec. 2025. After these are used, access will be provided through interlibrary loan.

When is a token counted? Every time you read or download an article within ACS that is not a Marian subscription. 

Examples: If you open the same article 2 times from ACS, 2 tokens are used. 

Best practices for limiting token use:  

Download article to personal hard drive or storage space. Use stored article rather than reopening the article within ACS.

When practicing search skills in American Chemical Society Journals or CAS SciFinder-n limit search to the journals we have access to above.